How to Choose the Best Mobile Network for your Top Up

10 Euro NoteIf you’re like most of us, you just want to take your phone and use it. It doesn’t matter if it’s
just for calls, texts or surfing; you just want to use it.

One of our big money saving tips for 2014 is to start to understand what you use your phone for.  How many texts do you send a month? How long do you spend on social media? How many hours of calls do you spend on the phone?

Keep a diary for a typical week and note down how you use your phone.  At the end of the week you’ll know everything you need to in order to decide which network is best for you.

We love this article from Money Guide Article (published February 13, 2014) that breaks down what you can get for your €10 Top Up from each of the Irish Networks:

  1. 48 Months
    300 minutes to any mobile network, 5,000 any network text messages, 1 GB data and 60 minutes to landlines. (But the “credit” will run out after 1 month even if you don’t use the phone.)
  2. Vodafone
    Free Vodafone to Vodafone texts for 30 days. The €10 credit will get you about 40 minutes of calls. (25c /min)
  3. Meteor
    A €10 online top up gets you 100 MB data and free Meteor to Meteor calls for 30 days. The €10 credit will allow you to make about 25 minutes of calls (35c/min)
  4. 3
    €10 will get you 200 MB data, 50 any network texts and 50 minutes of calls to other 3 phones for 30 days. The €10 credit will get you just 28 minutes of calls .(35c / min)
  5. Tesco
    Free Tesco to Tesco calls and texts for 30 days. The €10 credit will get you about 40 minutes of calls (25c/min)
  6. Postfone
    €10 credit will get you about 50 minutes of calls (20c per min). If you are looking for the provider with the lowest call charges – then this is the one.

Check out the full article here on Money Guide Ireland

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